The projects undertaken by RestART Beirut aim to contribute to the global renovation effort, following the 4th of August explosion, in the field of cultural heritage with an emphasis on art collections.

We promote Education: we aim to raise public awareness of the city’s unique heritage, to encourage the transmission of the know-how and promote Architectural and Artistic education.


We encourage the Local Economy: by supporting and encouraging the revival of ancient Lebanese crafts and the creation of an economically viable activity in this sector.

We foster International Cooperation via transnational partnerships and needed expertise in the field of art conservation to complete the projects (between institutions, universities, private companies or individuals from the diaspora and beyond).

Launching Campaign : Contribute to save Beirut's heritage

Posted on December 22, 2020

Main entrance before the blast

Main entrance after the blast

Our first project is the protection of the collections with a focus on identifying higher-risk items and prevent further damage. To do so, securing the Palace is essential.


This includes obstructing broken windows and doors, filling holes in walls, etc. Also, the construction of a warehouse area responding to conservation issues according to international standards is essential.

With your support, we will be able to save the Sursock Palace's collection.

Sursock Palace, Beirut

The renovation of the Sursock Palace’s collections and its transformation into a Centre for Cultural, Education and Artistic dissemination.


Other projects coming soon

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