Spring Campaign : Help us turn the Sursock Palace into a Cultural Center open to all!

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Main entrance before the blast

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Main entrance after the blast

Among the many damages suffered by the Sursock Palace during the explosion of August 4, some decorative marble elements, which gave this unique refinement to the palace, came loose from the walls and, when they fell, broke down in multiple fragments.

This campaign therefore aims to repair and replace the 78 damaged elements, ie 130 m² of white marble. It is the very first step of a more general plan regarding the elements of the decorative surfaces blown away by the explosion (stucco, woodwork, carved ceilings, etc ...)

In detail, it will be a question of depositing the weakened marbles still in place, cleaning the walls and marbles of the old mortars, re-gluing the broken elements and reinstalling the marbles on the walls.


Duration of the work: 40 days, mobilising 3 specialised craftsmen.

This action aims to provide work to local craftsmen and induce a social impact on the local know-how and activities towards the preservation of Cultural Heritage.

Your donation is our ONLY resource:

RestART Beirut does not receive any subsidy, neither from the Lebanese State nor from any European State. Each project that we carry out, faithful to the general interest and essential to the opening of the Sursock Palace to all, cannot be successful without your support. Today, to rebuild and restore Sursock Palace, we need you.

Provisional Timetable:

The repair of marble plinths represents an overall budget of 15.000

We received the first donation of 2.000 .

We must therefore raise 13.000 €.

Starting date for the construction: June 2021

Delivery of the works: July 2021

The projects undertaken by RestART Beirut aim to contribute to the global renovation effort, following the 4th of August explosion, in the field of cultural heritage with an emphasis on art collections.

We promote Education: we aim to raise public awareness of the city’s unique heritage, to encourage the transmission of the know-how and promote Architectural and Artistic education.


We encourage the Local Economy: by supporting and encouraging the revival of ancient Lebanese crafts and the creation of an economically viable activity in this sector.

We foster International Cooperation via transnational partnerships and needed expertise in the field of art conservation to complete the projects (between institutions, universities, private companies or individuals from the diaspora and beyond).

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Sursock Palace, Beirut

The renovation of the Sursock Palace’s collections and its transformation into a Centre for Cultural, Education and Artistic dissemination.



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