Our Story

Beirut has an immensely rich and diverse cultural heritage built over 5,000 years of History. Its tangible and intangible heritage was passed on from generation to generation and is expressed in Beirut’s historic urban core.


The 4th of August 2020 Port of Beirut explosion in the heart of its historic neighbourhood took many innocent lives, left thousands of people in a precarious situation and damaged Beirut’s precious architectural heritage. Maintaining the authenticity of Beirut’s heritage, by raising awareness, can help transform societal challenges into positive outcomes and increase cohesion and general wellbeing. Cultural heritage rehabilitation is a major contributor to social cohesion, civic spirit and an efficient way of bringing communities together. The societal and economic benefits of cultural heritage rehabilitation are seen as innovative stimulants for economic growth, employment and education and are linked to a wide range of traditional and innovative industries and impact both the local and national economy.


After the 4th of August tragic event, innovative financing and new form of governance have emerged, among them public-private partnerships, crowd-sourced funding projects and many other forward-looking and creative approaches to harness the locked-up potential of Beirut’s heritage and local talents.


The Fund has been created with the aim of reviving and harnessing the the socio-economic benefits of Lebanon’s cultural heritage, by supporting the rehabilitation of Beirut’s collections and with its flagship project: the Sursock Palace collections and its opening to the public. This Palace and future artistic residency, from which cultural awareness will radiate throughout Beirut, aims to become a driver for economic and social development in the city. The project will reinforce the role of heritage as part of Beirut’s underlying socio-economic fabric by generating growth, creating employment, increasing community cohesion and involvement.


What we stand for


We are accountable towards the Lebanese population by guaranteeing that we will only collaborate with the best (art conservation) experts to safeguard its cultural heritage.
We are accountable towards our donors and sponsors by guaranteeing that the money is solely dedicated to the projects they have chosen.



We are responsible for the usage of funds that we are entrusted with, and we strive for efficiency in our operations.


Trustworthy and reliable
We are a trustworthy and reliable partner for all the parties involved in our projects. We are transparent in our actions.


Humble and passionate
We are humble and dedicated in what we do, solely motivated and driven by our passion for the arts. We see the arts as an essential part of society and believe in its ability to build bridges between individuals.