RestART Beirut

Fund for the safeguard of art and collections in Beirut

Restoration campaign


Help us restore the window frames and shutters of the Sursock Palace, and set-up a dedicated workshop space.


The renovation of the Sursock Palace’s collections and its transformation into a Center for Culture,  Education and Artistic dissemination

The current owners of the palace wish to undertake the restoration of the palace and its collections with a view to transforming what is now a private residence into a museum open to the public. This place of beauty, refinement and rich history would be shared with the Lebanese people and international visitors and will allow them to learn about and take pride in a Golden Age which they have the power to revive...


We need your support

Whether as a volunteer, an expert or a donor, we are gladly accepting all kind of contributions.*

Culture and Education

Support our projects of Art Conservation through education.

Expertise and Partnerships

As a professional, you can get involved and contribute to our project on the conservation and rehabilitation of the collections.


Donors and benefactors of RestART Beirut benefit from many special advantages.

*RestART Beirut Fund, under the aegis of the King Baudouin Foundation of Belgium guarantees rigorous financial oversight

and total transparency of the usage of the funds.

Our Fund allows our donors to benefit from significant tax deductions in Europe, North America and Canada.


RestART Beirut is part of the King Baudouin Foundation, a public benefit foundation set up in 1976 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the reign of King Baudouin.

The Foundation’s current areas of activity are poverty and social justice, philanthropy, health, civic engagement, developing talents, democracy, European integration, heritage and development cooperation.

As a Fund within the Foundation, all donations and funding are monitored and regulated.
All donations to our Fund are subject to tax reductions in most European countries, North America and Canada. This also means that RestART Beirut is able to provide tax-exemption receipts for donors from the above-mentioned countries.